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DIY Snowcat Headband

Make your cat extra merry for Christmas with a festive headband! Measure your cat’s head and twist two white pipe cleaners together to make a circle that is the size needed for your cat’s head. Make a second pipe cleaner circle that is slightly smaller and use the extra pieces on the ends to attach it on the top of the headband. Repeat the process to make the snowman’s head with cat ears and attach it on the body. Cut a pipe cleaner into three pieces, cross the pieces in the center to make whiskers and glue the whiskers together. Cut out a mouth and eyes for the snow cat from red and black fabric, glue the pieces on the whiskers and glue the face onto the snowcat’s head. Make arms for the snowcat out of pipe cleaners and twist the ends onto the body. Ensure that none of the pipe cleaner ends could poke your cat and put the headband on your pet.

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