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DIY Straw Fish Bell

Give your fish a bell to ring for food or attention! Select a fairly lightweight but loud bell. Attach one end of a wire to the bell and the other end of the wire to a swivel clasp. Poke a hole near one end of a drinking straw and attach the swivel clasp on the straw. Hang the bell over the side of your fish’s tank so that the straw sticks into the water. Train your fish to use the device by moving the straw yourself whenever feeding your fish, then progress with the training by standing near the bowl at mealtime and waiting for your fish to swim near the straw or move the straw before feeding it, coaxing it near the straw with a treat if needed. Listen closely for when your fish rings the bell, even setting a baby monitor near the bowl if desired, and reward your fish with food or attention when it rings the bell. Determine the ideal amount of food for your fish to receive daily to ensure that you don’t overfeed it.

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