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DIY Stuffed Paper Stocking Treat

Make an edible Christmas stocking for your gerbil or hamster! Stir together flour, a few drops of food coloring, and a small amount of water to make a thin paste. Fold a piece of white paper in half and cut out the shape of a stocking to make two separate pieces. Put the two stocking cutouts on a piece of cardboard, wipe the colored paste over the side and bottom edges of one paper stocking, then press the second paper stocking onto the first. Let the paste dry, then cover the front of the stocking with more paste. Put the paper stocking in the refrigerator to dry overnight. Once dry, use the handle of a piece of silverware to open the stocking, then fill the stocking with dry gerbil food or some dry food mixed with a bit of flour and water to make a paste. Give the present to your hamster on Christmas morning.

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