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DIY Super Mario Cat Shelf

Build a Nintendo-themed shelf for your cat! Cut a wood plank into two rectangle pieces and two square pieces, cut a hole near one end of each of the rectangles and cut two wood bars to the same length as the squares. Assemble the wood plank pieces into a rectangular box and attach the two wood bars inside the box at even intervals. Cut off the bottom of two planters, cut strips of cardboard and wrap the strips of cardboard around the top edges of the planters. Coat the insides of the planters with glue and wrap a sisal rope around the inside edge of each planter. Attach the planters in each hole in the box, cover the planters with paper mache and paint the structure. Cut three squares of wood to fit on the front of the box, attach the squares with hinges and magnetic clasps, and paint or decorate the doors. Cut two rectangles of carpeting, attach one rectangle on top of the box and the other inside the box, hang the cat shelf on a wall and set a kitty tower below the downward-facing planter.

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