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DIY Tire Goat Anchor

Use a tire to keep your goat in a specific area for grazing! Get a used tire from a tire shop. Lay a plastic garbage bag or empty feed bag inside the tire. If you have any scrap piece of concrete or bricks, set them inside the tire. Pour concrete mix into the tire to fill the tire about half-way. Let the concrete start to solidify, but while it’s still malleable, put a washer and a nut onto the base of an eye bolt and stand the bolt in the center of the tire. Push the bottom of a sand pail or small bucket into the concrete so that the top edge of the bucket is lower that the top edge of the tire. Survey the area where your goat will be tethered to look for any obstacles that could catch the chain or any plants that are poisonous. Pour water into the bucket, ensure that your goat always has access to shade and shelter, and supervise your goat while it is tethered.

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