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Image Credit: thetortoisetable.org.uk
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DIY Tortoise-Friendly Landscaping

Optimize your landscaping to meet all your tortoise or turtle needs! Check that all of the vegetation in your yard is safe for your pet to nibble. Turn a wire hanging-planter basket upside-down and place the cage over the plants that your turtle prefers to nibble or could easily trample. Tie several clear plastic bottles in U-shape for a cloche and set the cloche over any small or delicate vegetation to prevent your pet from damaging the plants. Provide your turtle with a warm hide by digging a rectangular hole, lining the bottom of the hole with stones, slate or a piece of tile, lining the edges of the hide with wood boards and resting a piece of Plexiglas or other clear plastic on top of the shelter. Ensure your tortoise has a basking platform in the yard, such as a pile of stones, and provide your tortoise with toys or treats.

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