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DIY Wood Goat Milking Station

Construct a wood milking stand for your goat with a folding seat and ramp! Measure your largest goat and cut pieces of wood to the desired length for the platform, platform frame and stand legs. Assemble the wood into the frame of the milking stand, use plywood and wood boards to make the ramp and seat, and attach the ramp and seat to the stand with hinges. Attach wood boards around the open sides of the stand like a fence and attach a second board across the front of the stand fence boards. Cut out a matching groove from two long wood boards, set the boards in the hollow of the front fence, glue one board in place and attach the second board on swivel rod. Drill a gate fastener to the top of the boards, paint or decorate the goat stand and consider covering the ramp or platform with roofing paper for your goats to have improved traction.

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