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Mesh Ball Pit Playground

Make a ball pit for your sugar glider to play inside! Cut a rectangle of plastic mesh and zip tie the edges together to form the basket wall. Cut a square of mesh, place the basket on top, zip tie the pieces together and cut off the excess mesh. Wrap a string of felt or fabric around the edges, cut out a window and wrap the edges of the window in felt. Make the top for the basket the same as how the base was made, cut a window in the top and fill the playground with various types of balls, bells, and other round toys. Hang the ball pit in your sugar glider’s cage.

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  1. Deborah
    2015/05/02 @ 12:48pm #

    Please can you tell me where you can get the black mesh?

    • ArfMeow
      2015/05/02 @ 8:46pm #

      The mesh used in this project was “landware net” (hardware net), which can be found at most hardware stores. However, it would also be easy (and possibly cheaper) to use some gutter guard (also available at hardware stores or at Walmart).

    • Penny
      2015/08/17 @ 4:37am #

      Where can I get black mesh?? I’m having hard time looking for black mesh!!

      • ArfMeow
        2015/08/17 @ 12:21pm #

        Look in the Garden Fencing section of Home Depot or Lowes. It is called black hardware net. There are a few different brands. They all come in a roll.

  2. Penny
    2015/08/17 @ 2:25pm #

    Thanks for the information!! I will look for it. Smile!

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