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Milk Crate Ferret Playhouse

Turn milk crates into a vertical playground for your ferrets! Gather as many crates as preferred , cut holes out of the sides of two crates, and weave a plastic tube through the holes and around the crates. Cut out one side from each of the crates, sand the cut plastic smooth and use zip ties to fasten the crates on top of the first level with the cut-sides together. Measure the floors of the second level, cut a piece of wood and fabric to fit in each crate and glue the fabric onto the wood. Cut thin strips of colorful fabric, tie the strips of fabric along the top of the second level, then tie thick strips over the space between the two crates to cover the cut plastic. Repeat the process to create a third level, cut holes in the sides of the top levels and continue weaving the plastic tubes through and around the milk crates. Measure the outside surfaces of the structure and sew a cover for the playground.

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