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Planter Box Tortoise Table

Convert a standing planter into a habitat for your tortoises! Select a standing planter that can easily accommodate your pets. Partially fill the planter with dirt and cover the top of the dirt with mulch or other substrate your tortoises may enjoy. Attach a long light fixture along the back wall of the habitat to provide general light, then attach a heat lamp and a UVB  lamp.

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  1. Jamie
    2015/07/23 @ 6:56pm #

    LOVE THIS! We recently got a baby tortoise and he’s in an aquarium temporarily and I have been searching for tortoise table ideas that would look nice in my home… and this is it! Great idea! :) Found the same planter on Amazon and will be buying it soon! Thanks for sharing!

    • KG
      2016/01/03 @ 8:36pm #

      I have been trying to find one like this on Amazon or Home Depot with no luck. Could you link me to what you found?

      • ArfMeow
        2016/01/04 @ 3:12pm #

        There is one that looks just like this one at Sears. It’s called the Keter Easy Grow Patio Garden Flower Plant Planter Raised Elevated Garden Bed. Here is the link. I found it by doing a google search for “wicker planter box.”

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