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Playhouse Chicken Coop

Convert a children’s playhouse into a chicken coop! Cut pieces of wire mesh to fit each window that has shutters, and drill holes along the inside of the window to attach the wire with screws and washers. Cut a piece of Plexiglas to fit each window that does not have shutters and use silicone to glue the Plexiglas in place. Attach a gate latch to the outside of each set of shutters and doors. Cut holes on the inside of the house and attach a wood dowel in the holes to make a roost. Build a table for the coop to sit on, or use cinder blocks for table legs and a wood pallet for a table top to create a table-like platform. Cut a wood plank to the length needed for a ramp, attach thin wood blocks along the top of the plank and attach the plank onto the table with hinges or screws.

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