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Popsicle Stick Hamster Kissing Booth

Construct a kissing booth for your hamsters for Valentine’s Day! Get a pack of Popsicle sticks and dye some of the sticks pink by soaking them in a dish of water with food coloring added. Let the dyed sticks dry, then cut the sticks into the lengths needed for the box. Assemble each wall of the box with a Popsicle stick glued across the back, glue the walls together, and attach extra pieces of sticks on the front of the walls for design. Cut off the tips of several sticks, glue them on an angle along one pink Popsicle stick to make the booth top, then attach the booth top to the booth with two pink sticks. Make tiny signs for the booth advertising how much kisses cost and the name of the hamster offering kisses. Cut out paper hearts and glue the hearts across the front of the booth to make a banner, add a few on the top of the booth for decoration, and toss the extras around the booth like confetti.

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