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PVC Fiddler Crab Caves

Use pieces of PVC pipes as caves for your fiddler crabs! Cut pieces of PVC pipe or ABS pipe and partially dig the pipes into sand with the back of the pipe against a wall or pile of sand. To create an underground cavern, cut one of the tunnels in half, use a U-shaped PVC connector to connect a short and long pipe and cut a hole in the side of a shallow plastic container. Use aquarium silicone to glue the shorter pipe into the hole of the plastic container, paint the inside of the PVC connector and plastic container with aquarium silicone and dust sand over the glue for your crabs to have better traction on the plastic. Bury the plastic container in the sand with the long pipe extending out of the sand and toss several PVC connectors into your fiddler crab’s pool for underwater tunnels.

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