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Toilet Roll Foraging Bird

Turn a toilet roll into a bird-shaped foraging toy! Cut off the end of the toilet roll to make a ring, then cut the rest of the toilet roll the same way to make more rings. Carefully poke the tip of a knife through one side of one ring. Fit several rings into each other to make a ball shape, put a dot of glue between each ring, and use a clamp to hold the rings in place while the glue dries. To make the toy look like a bird, draw the shape of duck feet on a piece of yellow cardstock, cut out the shape, and glue the feet onto the bottom of the ball. Cut out the shape of wings from a piece of tissue paper, cut the bottom of each wing into fringe, and glue the wings in place on the toy. Put the tip of a dried pepper through the slit made with a knife, and stuff the toy with treats that won’t easily fall out, such as popcorn, as well as some yarn for your bird to preen.

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