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Window Ant Farm

Turn a set of old window into an ant farm! Find two matching windows and cut off any window fasteners. Sand the wood so the windows fit together, drill the windows together and cut out a slit from the top of the wood frame. Drill the leg supports onto the frame, paint the wood and attach a towel bar at the level of the sand. Dip a ground cheery husk in water-based polyurethane, place the husk over a small LED light for a lamp shade and drill a hole through the wood for the light wire. Sew curtains to fit the ant farm and attach eye hooks to each side of the frame for curtain tie hooks. Cut a piece of steel to fit the top of the ant farm, drill holes in the metal, cover the inside of the metal with plastic mesh and drill holes for magnets in the top of the ant farm to secure the metal bar.

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