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DIY Honeycomb Hammock

Make a multi-layer hammock that has multiple entrances for your opossums or other small rodents! Cut a square of felt that is the desired size for the middle level of the hammock, then cut a smaller square for the top level of the hammock. Cut pieces of decorative fabric just smaller than each hammock, lay the decorative fabric outside-down on the felt fabric, and sew the two pieces together, leaving a small hole open. Fold the fabric inside-out through the hole, then sew the hole shut. Repeat the process for the next hammock section, then sew the corners of the two hammocks together. Cut a large square of felt and decorative fabric for the bottom layer of the hammock, sew the fabrics together, then sew the corners of the large hammock onto the middle of each side of the middle hammock. Sew two strips of fabric onto each corner of the top hammock and use the straps to tie the hammock in your pet’s cage.

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