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DIY Betta Flare Trick

Teach your betta to flare on command! Put a small mirror against the wall of your betta’s tank and wait for your betta to flare at its reflection. Slowly move away the mirror and point a specific pen, preferably a brightly-colored one, to the spot where the mirror was located. Wait for your betta to flare to the pen and reward it with a treat if it does. If your betta does not flare at the pen, return the mirror, wait for it to flare, then replace the mirror with the pen. Repeat this process until your betta flares every time it sees the pen. Use that pen only for this trick and keep the training of this trick to a maximum of 3-5 minutes per day only.

Comments: One brave sole.

  1. Mariel
    2015/06/01 @ 2:12am #

    This is stupid and ridiculous. If you knew anything about bettas, you would know that flaring is not a good thing. They flare when they see another betta. They hate other bettas. Doing this will stress out your betta fish.

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