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DIY Doo Wop Ferret Costume

Dress your ferret as a girl from the 1950s! Measure your ferret. Cut a rectangle from a white t-shirt to make a shirt for your ferret, cut out a half-circle from the top center of the shirt, cut out arm holes, and sew the sides of the rectangle together. Make the skirt by cutting circles from two colors of fabric, cutting out a circle from the center of each of the circles, and cutting a small slit into each waist area. Lay the circles together, gather the middle circle slightly to create the skirt waves and sew the circles together. Attach a Velcro fastener along waist slit and decorate the skirt with a poodle cut-out and some ribbon. Make a jacket by cutting a rectangle, cutting holes in the rectangle for the sleeves, sewing two small rectangles into tubes to create the sleeves and sewing the sleeves onto the jacket. Attach a hook clasp onto the front of the jacket and cut a small strip of pink fabric to make the ascot.

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