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Image Credit: cgl.uwaterloo.ca
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DIY Ferret Exercise Wheel

Create a hamster wheel for your ferrets! Find a plastic bowl or planter with a wide enough rim to accommodate your ferret. Cut ventilation holes in the bottom of the bowl and cover each hole with pieces of string or mesh. Cut pieces of denim or carpet and glue the fabric into the wheel for your ferret to have traction while running. Drill the bottom of the ferret wheel onto a nylon roller, attach a long screw in the nylon roller and use washers to hang the wheel on the wall of your ferret’s wire cage.

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  1. Sara
    2015/10/18 @ 1:11am #

    Do you have a picture from behind of the wheel?

    • ArfMeow
      2015/10/21 @ 4:49am #

      Unfortunately, it looks like this is the only picture available on the source link. If there a question you have about the wheel that we might be able to answer for you without a picture, let us know and we will be happy to try to help!

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