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DIY Fabric Shoe Ferret Bed

Sew a shoe-shaped bed for your ferrets! Draw a template for the shoe on a piece of newspaper and cut out the pieces. Cut a large rectangle of fleece and fold over one end about a foot. Cut out the pieces for the front and back of the shoe along the fold of the fabric, then cut out two ovals for the bottom of the shoe from a non-folded area. Cut out an oval of foam to fit between the fabric ovals and sew the edges of the fabric ovals together with the foam inside. Sew each set of the front and back pieces of the shoe together, then turn those pieces inside-out and sew the edges together to make one shoe. Cut out two pieces of decorative fabric to wrap around the shoe, cut out a square of foam to fit inside the heel area and sew the edges of the decorative fabrics together with the heel foam in the center. Attach the decorative fabric to the top of the shoe, attach the top of the shoe to the sole, then add shoe laces, a brand name patch and any other decorations your ferret may enjoy.

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