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DIY Frog Tower House

Make a house for frogs that looks like a tiny tower! Select a tall plastic bottle for the tower. Draw a large, wide doorway near the base of the bottle, cut out the shape and sand the edges of the cut plastic smooth or cover the edges with thick tape. Cut out any windows from the tower that you’d like and consider attaching a plastic 35mm film case near the top for a chimney. Glue small rocks and pebbles around the sides of the tower and consider gluing some inside the house as well for the frogs to enjoy. Mix some water with grout powder and wipe the grout between the stones on the outside of the house. Once you have finished wiping on the grout, use a damp cloth to wipe the extra grout off the tops of the stones. Let the grout dry, then apply grout sealant. Gather long pieces of bark and glue the bark around the top of the tower as roof shingles. Set the tower somewhere that frogs may enjoy it and decorate the area with a fence made of twigs or flat rocks as stepping stones.

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