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DIY Rodent Travel Carrier

Make a travel carrier for your guinea pigs! Select a cardboard box for the carrier and cut out windows from either side of the box and the side flaps of the box. Measure each side of the box, cut a plastic tablecloth in the shape of a plus sign, and cut out the window areas from the tablecloth. Sew the edges of the tablecloth together around the box, fold the edges of the window fabric over the edges of the windows and glue the fabric in place. Glue pieces of plastic or mesh inside the box to cover the windows, cover the flaps of the box with decorative fabric and fold the flaps into the box. Measure the length needed for each of the straps, cut pieces of nylon strapping or ribbon to the length needed and sew the straps onto the pet carrier. Fold over the top edge of the tablecloth to make a drawstring casing and feed a ribbon through the casing.

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