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Plastic Bottle Aquarium CO2 System

Make a CO2 system for your fish tank plants! Punch a hole in the plastic bottle cap and secure a plastic tube inside the lid with aquarium silicone and tape. Drill two holes in the lid of a glass jar, insert the free end of the tube through one hole and secure the tube in place with the end at the bottom of the jar. Secure another piece of air tube in the other jar lid hole with the end of the tube above the water line in the jar. Attach a check valve to the tube, attach another tube on the check valve and place the end of the tube on an aquarium filter. Heat water to dissolve the sugar, allow the solution to cool, pour the sugar water in the plastic bottle, add the other ingredients and shake the bottle. Set the filter in your aquarium and use suction cups to hang the tubes if necessary.
Ingredients: sugar, cooking yeast, baking soda and water

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