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Image Credit: pintsizefarm.com
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Popsicle Stick Butterfly House

Make a home for butterflies! Lay Popsicle sticks in a line next to each other to make a flat wall for the house, then glue several more sticks across the line to hold them together. Once the glue dries, put the wall on a table with the cross-sticks facing down, glue sticks across two opposite edges on top of the wall, then glue two more sticks across the two other edges so that there is a slight gap underneath the body of the second set of sticks because the tips of the first set of sticks is holding them up. Repeat this process several times to start building a box, then stop once the box is about half-way finished. Glue several sticks into eight solid stacks, continue building the house using the solid stacks, then return to building the rest of the house using single sticks. Once the walls are high enough, glue sticks flat across the top, then glue a few more sticks across the flat sticks for support. Make another flat wall, stand the box on its side so the large openings are vertical, and glue the free flat wall across top of the box as a roof. Paint or decorate the house and put it in your garden.

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